Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Home

Our home.  I'm super excited that we have been able to buy a house, somewhere to call home.  Somewhere where we can park and get comfortable for the next 5-10 years or so (until our family outgrows this house!).  I haven't really felt "at home" since I left mine in Michigan in 2005.  I've lived in college dorms, friends' houses, duplexes, and apartments since I've moved to Nashville for school.  Jeremy and I first lived in an apartment when we got married, but it never really felt like home, because I knew that we weren't going to be there for very long.  Even though I had no idea that we would be able to get a house as soon as we did, I never completely felt at home in our apartment.  Sure, it worked just fine for us, and we had 2 Christmases together there, but there was always something missing.   

But now our house is now really our home.

Maybe it was our babies that solidified it, I don't know.  But I do know that we live in a place that I am always excited to come home to.  When I walk in the door from having been gone for a while, I feel a warmth, a peace, a comfort.  It's the place where we always are together.  It's the place where we cook delicious homemade dinners.  It's the place where we chill out and watch movies/tv.  It's where we remodel and paint and decorate the way we want, without having to get it approved.  It's the place where we sleep, together and with our babies.  It's the place where we play with our boys and watch them grow.

It's our home.   

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