Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear babies; 3 months

Judah and Foxx,

You are now 3 months old.  Time has gone by super fast you and you both change everyday.  You have grown soooo much since you were born!

This is you when you were teeny tiny:

And this is you now:

You are each just a little over 12 lbs.  You have started to develop your own little personalities.  You have lost almost all of the hair you were born with, and are now starting to grow some new fuzz on your little heads.  You both still have blue eyes.  You looked quite different from each other when you were first born, but you are starting to look more and more alike as you grow.

You both sleep in the same crib, and when we lay you down to sleep, we lay you on opposite ends of the crib.  When we go back in your room to check on you, you guys are right next to each other.  I don't know how you scoot over to each other like you do, but it's super cute.  You have liked to sleep close to each other ever since you first came home from the hospital.

(First nap together at home.)

You both also love to sleep on me and your daddy.  You loved to sleep on us when you were little,

And you love to sleep on us now.

I love how you both wake up in the morning with huge smiles on your face.  Your little smiles are totally worth getting up super early for.  You both fight naps during the day.  You fight them  so ridiculously hard.  Most days, the only way you will fall asleep is on me or on your dad, and then when we try to lay you down, you wake up.  It's frustrating, but it's also so dang cute.

Neither of you like cloudy and rainy days.  You get super fussy when the weather is not nice and we can't go for a stroller ride, because you love stroller rides!  I have an awesome jogging stroller and you enjoy looking around and cooing at everything during my runs.

Car rides are another favorite activity of yours.   You usually fall asleep the minute we start driving, and sometimes you are just awake and talking.  If we stop, even for a minute at a red-light, you get upset.  But as soon as we start moving again, you are happy.

Any and every ceiling fan will immediately catch your attention and make you smile.

You both seem to notice me and your dad more and more.  Dad can make you smile and laugh with his yoda voice.  The mobile in your crib will also make you both laugh and smile like crazy.  Neither of you mind getting your diapers changed, and you usually smile while we change you (although that very well may be because of the ceiling fan that is over your changing area).

This is a video of Foxx talking and smiling at dad after his bath.

This is a video of Foxx laughing at the crib mobile

(***I know these videos are both of Foxx, but Judah does laugh and smile also, he's just a little camera shy.  We'll catch him on camera sometime soon hopefully!)

When I have you guys by myself and you won't let me put you down, I put you in my sling or wrap, and I get things done that way.

You both love to be out in nature.  We have taken you to Radnor Lake and Percy Warner Park.  You guys just look around at all the trees and enjoy the walk.

Dear Judah:

You are amazing.  You have the biggest blue eyes that are so cute.  Some people say that you look like your dad.  You have a huge gummy smile that you greet me with every morning, and I absolutely love it.  Every time you smile during the day, it makes me super happy, and I can't think about anything else except trying to make you do it again. You like to talk to us during your diaper changes, and you also like to pee all over everything during them.  (You would think that we would have learned by now to watch out, but no.  You continue to pee on us.)  You are our little observer.  You love to look around at everything and smile at things you like.  You have a colorful toy lion that you like and you also like to sit up in your boppy seat to look around.  You like tummy time and are very good at holding your head up high.  You rolled over just the other day, on accident.  You are a very good snuggler, and you especially like to snuggle with mom in bed early in the morning.  You like to ride around in my sling when we go places.  You love to lay under your play mat and kick your legs like crazy.  You are the one that moves the most during sleep.  You have flipped completely upside down a few time during the night.  You're a tad smaller than your brother still, but you are quickly catching up.  You are pretty chill most of the time, unless you are tired.  You love to fly around the house like an airplane, and you like the bear mobile on your swing.  You smile and laugh at those bears almost as much as the ceiling fan.  I think you are going to be the one who crawls first.  Whenever you are on your tummy, you seem like you are ready to go, you just don't know exactly what to do to get going.

I can't wait to watch you grow and learn new things.  So far I have watched you learn to smile, laugh, play, roll over, and coo at us.  I have loved every single moment I have spent with you, and I can't wait to have many more!

 Dear Foxx:

You are awesome, kid.  You're my wild child.  You have such an excitement in your eyes.  Most people say that you resemble me, with your skin tone and eyes.  You are also my stubborn child, and you are exactly how I was when I was little.  You fight sleep every. single. day.  You get so tired but you want to stay up so that you don't miss anything.  You love to be awake and be loud and talk to everyone.  You have a great appetite, and you will eat a whole lot, anytime it is offered to you.  Your smiles and laughs are huge and so fun to watch.  You get super excited when we change your diaper, during bath time and under your playmat.  You kick your legs and scream like crazy during those things.  It's hilarious!  You love to sit back with dad in his recliner chair and rock, just looking around at everyone, throwing in some coos and screams here and there.  You love the stroller, just like your brother, and you like to go on runs with me.  You love to be facing outward in my carriers/wraps so that you can watch everything going on when we go out places.  Whenever I rock you to sleep, you always have to have a little hand up on my neck that moves back and forth.  It's super cute.  You especially love to ride in the car.  You either immediately fall asleep, or you will sit back there and grunt and talk the entire ride.  And you get really upset when we stop at red lights.  A sure fire way to get you to stop crying is to fly you like an airplane, on your stomach close to us.  You love it.  You love dad's yoda voice, but you're scared of his chewbacca voice. 

You have been so fun to watch grow, and you get bigger everyday.  I can't wait to see what your feisty little personality will develop into!  Every little smile, laugh, and coo from you has made my days awesome.  I look forward to them everyday, and many more to come as you grow.

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