Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks² Day 21, 22, & 23

#21-I'm thankful for our 2 bumbo seats.

When the boys are in good moods, they like to sit in their bumbo seats.  I love that I can put them up on the counter or table and they can be entertained by watching me cook/bake!  (Yes, I said counter and table, but they are never near the edges, I have a constant eye on them and I never leave them unattended.  calm down.)

#22-I'm thankful for candles.

They fill our home with such good smells. And they're pretty.  And Judah was completely amazed by the little flame.  He looks like he's ready to pounce on the thing.  No more candles at couch height once they start crawling/scooting/walking/climbing!!

#23-I'm thankful for this rocking chair.

We scored this thing brand new, for $50 bones.  That's a pretty awesome deal, because these things are around a couple hundred dollars new.  It is where I rock my boys to sleep every day and night, and I love it.  

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