Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Labor Fake Out

Jeremy and I both spontaneously woke up the other night at 3 am. We were both completely wide awake and unable to fall back asleep.  It was a full moon that night.  As we lay in bed talking, I realize how hungry I am, and all of sudden begin to notice that my belly is rock hard.  This isn't something out of the ordinary for me.  I have been having braxton hicks contractions for a while now, also known as "fake" contractions.  They are a painless tightening of the uterus in preparation for the contractions that will happen during actual labor. 

At first I thought nothing of it.  But as I was sitting up in bed eating fruit, I realized that these "fake" contractions were beginning to become much more intense then normal.  Not only could I feel tightening, but there was also a whole load of pressure in my pelvic area that is usually not there.  I told this to Jeremy and he said, "Is this it?  Is this why we both randomly woke up in the middle of the night?"

We both got super excited and decided to go on a walk to see if this was actual labor.  Yup.  A walk around our neighborhood in the dead of night.  The moon was so bright that it didn't even look like night.  With normal braxton hicks contractions, they are suppose to go away with position changes and activity.  Mine didn't go away.  My belly continued to stay rock hard and the pelvic pressure continued.  When we finished our walk a long while later, I decided to try and time these contractions.  It's hard to explain, but it was tough to time them because I could not always tell when exactly they started and ended.  I did the best I could and was getting roughly 15 mins between each one, and each one lasting about 30-45 seconds.  I kept getting distracted and bored while trying to time them, so I finally just stopped.  Since we were still wide awake, we decided to make some breakfast.  We ran to walmart, grabbed some food and made a delicious breakfast.  Afterwards, we both then got really tired and went back to bed.  (dead end story, I know.  Sorry).

I don't know if I was having actual contractions that night or not, but I sure hope so.  A lot of people say "well they weren't real contractions if they didn't hurt".  Did you know my mom pushed out my brother naturally without any pain?  She just felt "weird", went to the hospital, and delivered my brother an hour later.  No pain, no nothing.  Awesome.  I would LOVE for this to happen to me (as would anyone, right?), but I'm not expecting it by any means. :)

I hope that our sleepless, anxious night a few days ago is a foreshadowing of what may be to come here in the next few weeks/days!!  I'm so excited!!!!            

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