Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A letter to our babies.

Dear Judah and Foxx,

You two are one of the best things that has ever happened in my life, and I have not even met you yet.  I love you already so much, and absolutely cannot wait until you join your dad and me in this world.  I have loved you ever since I saw the little positive plus sign on a pregnancy test.  I loved you even before I knew there were 2 of you, or knew that you were boys.  I am excited for my life to be no longer be about me, but instead to revolve around you both.

I am so anxious and excited to see what you each look like and to see what kind of personalities you will develop.  Will you get my thin and straight hair or Jeremy's thick and curly?  Will it be dark like both of ours?  Will you have my complexion or his?  Will your eyes stay blue or turn green, or a different color?  What will your little cries and coos and laughs sound like?  Will you look like us?  Will you grow up and like sports?  Cars?  Computers?  Books?  Science?  What will you each be good at in school?  What kind of style will you each have?  What will you dream about being when you grow up?  These are all questions that I wonder about often and cannot wait to find out the answers to.

Here are the things that I know about you now:


You are more active than your brother.  You often kick and punch all over the place inside my belly, and you are not a fan of hiccups.  Whenever you get them, you go crazy after each hiccup.  You sometimes get your little foot (or hand, or knee, whatever it may be)  caught up underneath my ribcage.  It does not feel nice, but it's ok.  I saw a little bit of hair on your head at my last ultrasound!  Whenever we tell people your name, we get different reactions.  Some people love that you have a unique name, and some people do not like it, but they are nice by saying "oh that's a different name".  But it's ok.  We like your name, and we hope that you like it too.  Your middle name, Thomas, was your dad's grandpa's name (your great grandpa).  He was a grumpy old man most of the time, but your dad was his favorite and could always make him smile and laugh.  Oddly enough (and we did not know this until just recently) the name Thomas is Aramaic and means "twin".  We're so excited to meet you baby Foxx!


I've decided that you are just ready to be out of my belly.  You are not quite as active as your brother, but I believe you do wrestle and punch him every now and then.  You often try and stretch out, pushing your head really far down onto my bladder and your legs all the way up against my diaphragm.  You and your kidney issue gave us quite the little scare a while ago, but we have been reassured by a specialist that you will be just fine.  You may have to have surgery a few months after you are born, but I hope that your kidney will fix itself after you are born and that you will not have to go through it.  Your name has been one that we decided on way before we even thought about having kids.  We both love the name Judah, and were very excited to give the name to you.  Your name is Hebrew, and it looks like this in its original language:  יְהוּדָה  Read in Hebrew, it is pronounced "ya-hew-dah".  Your middle name is Samuel.  We cannot wait until you arrive little Judah!

Don't think that I am the one who you guys kick all the time.  You also kick your dad!  We will be lying in bed with my belly touching either his belly or his back and you will kick or punch and he will feel it!  Last night you kept kicking him in the kidneys.  You guys also stick out some sort of appendage and leave it there so that we can see it from the outside of my belly.  Your dad and I always feel it, and we have fun trying to figure out if its a little foot, or hand, or knee, or elbow, or butt.  You kick most when I am sitting down or sitting still.  When I walk around, it rocks you to sleep.  You both are quite shy when I try to show other people your little movements.  You will be going crazy, and I will try and have someone watch or feel, and then you will stop.  Every week since we have known that you were in my belly growing, we have compared your size to whatever food fits appropriately.  You started out as a tiny poppy seed, and are currently the size of 4 navel oranges.  I talk to you often when I am by myself, and your dad talks to you too.  I'm sure it only sounds like loud rumbles to you, but we do it anyway.    

I cannot stop thinking about the excitement that will be the day you both enter this world.  I am excited to help with your grand entrance and cannot wait until you are finally out of my belly and into my arms.  I want to hold you immediately and kiss your little heads.  I want to see all your little fingers and toes.  I can't wait to see the look on your dad's face, and more than likely also the tears in his eyes.  I am excited to see him hold you for the first time.

As I sit here in your nursery I can't help but want you sleeping here in your crib next to me so that I can watch you sleep and be amazed at the little human beings that your dad and I created.  Your room is almost complete.  We just have a few things left to get for you.  You will be sharing a crib until you are too big to no longer do so.  I'm sure you will be ok with that, since you have been sharing the same cramped space for the past 8 months (you will have a little bit more room out here, I promise).

My hopes and wants for you both:

I hope that you both will grow up to be strong, smart and handsome.  I hope that you will grow up to love God and to show his love to everyone you meet.  I hope that you will find what you enjoy the most and follow it for as long and as far as it will take you.  I hope that you will be happy and content in all areas of your life.  I hope that you will love growing up with a brother, and that you will always remember to love each other.        

I want us to go outside together all the time and enjoy the beautiful nature that we live amongst.  I want to teach you how to garden and how to eat and cook the things we grow together.  I want to play sports with you, particularly soccer, but if you do not like soccer, I will play whatever you wish.  I want to watch you excel in whatever your favorite activity is.  I want us to have backyard cookouts, blow bubbles, climb trees, catch fireflies, play in the sprinkler (and maybe even a slip-and-slide one day!) and find cool bugs.  I want to take you to the park.  I want to have picnics and make popsicles.  I want to feed you spaghetti and watch you get it all over your little heads.  I want to plan for your birthdays and give you lots of presents.  I want all of these things, and much much more.  I want to give you the best life possible.  I want you to enjoy your life everyday and love being yourselves.

We love you Judah and Foxx!     



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